Gold Coast Retaining Wall Excavation

Retaining walls are very common on the Gold Coast with the shape of our land and small hills everywhere, they are used for many different reasons from just digging out to level backyards.
to stopping landslides and helping drainage but on top of that, they also can look great with many different materials, colors & sizes to choose from.
Usually, you will work out where it is going and how high you are wanting it, then we can come in and do the excavation work digging out to whatever chosen height. Next, the post holes & the posts get concreted into the right dimensions, and left to set overnight is best. If using concrete sleepers they are quite heavy at around 60kg each.
Luckily we have a Sleeper grab for our mini excavator so we can easily lift the sleepers straight into position and drop them in for a quick easy installation! Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free quote anywhere on the Gold Coast ph – 0402766405

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