Tight Access Excavation Gold Coast



Tight access Excavation Gold Coast


Are you needing some Excavator Work done but don’t have much access too your back yard?

our tight access excavation kubota 1.7t Excavator has retractable tracks making it go down to as small as 990mm wide, the roof can also come off for a minimum height of only 1500mm,

this machine is perfect for digging out underneath houses, passing under garages and Evan through sliding doors & gates our tight access Excavator is a very capable machine of doing many different jobs from pulling some tree stumps out too digging swimming pools. There isn’t much these little tight access excavators can’t do.

They also have an advantage as they don’t do as much damage to surrounding areas as these bigger machines do, and Evan though these tight access excavators are small, they are still very much capable to do most of your average jobs!

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