Micro & Mini Excavator Hire Gold Coast

Micro & Mini Excavator Hire Gold Coast

Mini excavators are very handy little machines, also known as micro/ mini excavators, with a wide range of uses for all trades from landscaping digging out retaining walls, or leveling grounds for concrete or paving. Or digging footings for bricklayers and carpenters. But they can also be used for digging trenches for electrical & plumbers.

There the main purpose I guess you could say is that they fit in tight access areas where bigger excavators and machines can’t fit. But that does not make these micro/ mini excavators only good for small jobs.

We do a lot of jobs where there are no access problems at all. But we can do less damage to the surrounding area such as tracking over turf etc it will leave a lot less damage than a big machine. We also cost a little less to run our machines so we may be slightly more cost-effective. And these micro/ mini excavators still have an amazing amount of strength to dig some big tree stumps etc out of the ground!


We have a large gallery of photos of our Micro & Mini Excavator Hire Gold Coast work to show if asked! Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a quote anywhere on the Gold Coast

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