Things you may want to know about excavators!


Things you may want to know about excavators

An excavator is usually on tracks but sometimes has wheels, it also has the arm to reach out and dig holes and trenches, A Mini excavator is a smaller sized excavator usually used in tight spaces such as under houses on rooftops and in backyards. These types of excavators are smaller and lighter than a normal excavator is and are built for confined spaces. Mini excavators range from 700mm-1500mm wide, these excavators are a great for residentual work being theyre smaller and a little more affordable.for the average home owners.

They still have a lot of moving parts too break and can still be extemely costly for replacement parts, Mini Excavators are  used to dig holes for swimming pools, remove large rocks, stumps, garden beds digging & Preparation for concrete, dig trenches for sewer, storm water pipes, electrical, or communications conduits. and lots more!


Another good thing about Mini Excavators is Transport, Mini Excavators can easily be transported from one job too the next by simply putting them on a trailer or a small tipper truck saving money and time on getting machines floated from job to job.

If a part on your Mini Excavator needs replacement I highly reccomend you use ITR Pacific for your aftermarket spare parts for the best price possible!

Things you may want to know about excavators
Things you may want to know about excavators

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